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I wasn’t going to last long under these conditions, but I knew that was perfectly OK with her; when she reached back between her legs to squeeze my balls, it didn’t help my teetering endurance at all.
I feel like I’m probably going to come pretty soon, if that’s all right with you.
She wiggled her butt.
I’m ready when you are, tiger.
I laughed, but it came out mostly as a groan; Alli wiggling her butt while you’re inside of her will do that.
Tiger? I almost said ‘Skippy’, but that didn’t sound right; sort of sarcastic, really.
Yeah, I guess I should be happy with ‘tiger’.
Tigers are big and tough… Skippy, not so much.
I started to move, slowly at first, getting her used to me being in her like this and trying desperately to hold back the rising tide, slowly fucking her ass.
It worked for maybe a minute and a half.
When she started to match my rhythm, thrusting back against me and moaning loudly, I lost it.
I grabbed her at the hips and held her as I started to thrust madly into her, slamming my stomach into her ass with each thrust, my balls flopping up and slapping against her sopping pussy with a wet, smacking sound. Cristy_dance free online sex chat website.
She came just about then, I heard her grunts and moans of orgasm, but I didn’t really get a chance to reconcile that fact because just as I became aware of it I felt her fingers tickling and sliding on the slippery underside of my hard shaft, and I gave up and surrendered; and then that was it, the sprint to the finish line! In seconds my whole body was locked in climax, my muscles all tense as I held myself deep inside of her, my cock and all of the associated glands and muscles in the region pumping and spasming and pumping and clenching and straining and pumping…and pumping, and then pumping a little more until I was utterly and completely spent, drained dry, my second big load of the evening deposited deep in her rectum.
I ached throughout my lower groin, muscles unused to such abuse cramping from the exertion, but it was a very satisfying type of ache.
After, as my body went limp and I struggled to catch my breath, I just sort of collapsed on her, draping myself over her back, my spent penis still stuffed in her anus.
My heart was pounding and I could feel hers keeping time, our bodies slick with the sweat of sex and exertion.
We stayed like that for a minute or two – basking in that famous afterglow, I suppose – before she wiggled her firm little butt.
Are you going to take that out of me? Mmm, eventually, I guess – whenever I’m capable of moving again. Pro-xxl online sex chatting with usa bhabhi.

Pro-xxl online sex chatting with usa bhabhi.
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