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Anne listened and heard a couple of voices approaching.
Shit! She quickly pulled her blouse down and pants up, buttoning them just a second before a couple of frat boys appeared at the end of the aisle.
They were complaining about the bullshit reading assignment their professor had given them.
One of them gave Anne an appraising look as they passed, then they were gone.
Anne peered again through the book shelf.
The man looked back at her and gave her a sheepish grin and a shrug.
Then he disappeared down the aisle.
Anne began worrying.
Had she scared him away? Was he rejecting her? What the fuck was going on? She was on the verge of tears when he appeared at the end of her aisle. Odinoko online scat cams.
No longer having the book barrier between them, Anne‘s nerves threatened to overtake her.
But she was still horny as hell.
“Is this okay?” he asked.
Don’t talk,” Anne ordered.
The pervert shut up, and instead came closer to her.
She reached out for his pants.
He hadn‘t managed to do up his fly, and her fingers found their way inside.
What was in there felt nothing like her vibrator.
It was hard, but fleshy.
She pulled it out and held it in her hand, surprised by the weight of it.
It was getting harder in her grip.
She kneeled to get a closer view.
It had veiny ridges all around it, while her vibrator was smooth plastic.
She imagined how it might feel inside her.
Anne tried moving her hand up and down the shaft gently, feeling its contours.
The man began to softly move his hips, guiding his penis closer to her face.
A tiny pretty little dew drop of pre-cum appeared at the very tip of the head. W777w sex chat on webcam.

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