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James was now sitting on the cushions, leaning against the concrete walls of the small cell.
His feet were together and his hands were in his lap because the chain that connected them to the foot cuffs wouldn’t let him raise them any higher.
She pulled the heavy door closed behind her.
Although the main lock could only be operated from the keyhole on the outside of the door, there was a hasp that allowed the heavy steel door to be locked from the inside.
Belinda pushed a large padlock through the hasp, locking them both inside.
These are the only keys that can get us out of this cell, she breathed deeply , turned on like mad at the thought of being incarcerated with James.
She pushed them into the back pocket of her jeans and tapped her butt, bouncing it up and down, to check where the keys had come to rest.
Do I get to touch your butt too? Belinda smiled, Let’s pretend that that we don’t have these keys and that we are both prisoners.
Easy for me, as I don’t have any of the keys.
James rattled the heavy manacles that she had locked around his wrists and ankles and which now shimmered in the candle light. Goddessjasmin erotic chat for ipad.
It’s very private, Belinda said, now trembling with excitement as she sat astride his waist, pinning his hands beneath her.
She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.
He smelt and tasted so nice, he always did, and she unbuttoned his blue shirt and started to play with his chest.
I guess I get to make love in shackles? Belinda nodded, You’re my dangerous prisoner.
I don’t want you going anywhere.
No chance of that, I can’t even get out from under your body.
Belinda’s reply tailed off as she kissed him, unzipped his suit trousers and reached inside and took hold of his cock.
Mmm, I’m impressed.
She stood up and stripped off her jeans and panties and dropped them to the floor.
Now I don’t have the key on me.
we really are prisoners now.
James undressed more slowly, struggling to pull his trousers down while locked in the shackles.
With his trousers now down by his knees, Belinda squatted down over his lap and gently eased him inside her.
The feeling was fantastic and she unconsciously crushed her thighs around his waist as he slid deeper inside of her.
Her full weight was now back on his lap and his manacled hands were squirming around beneath her, massaging her bottom as best they could.
I’ve missed this, she purred.
James tried to reply, but her lips were pushed too hard against his.
Their cries echoed loudly around the cell as they came again and again.
James was now lying on his back in the centre of the small cell with Belinda’s totally naked body lying on top. Artemissgod live sex chat local.

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