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Pard walks slowly to his truck, rubbing his arm, shoulders slumped.
He drives away slowly without looking back.
Nikkie turns to Spade, “As for you mister, gimme that beer.
She drains the beer and crunches the can.
“Now get out of those clothes.
I want you naked in our bed.
We are going to fuck until one of us can‘t wiggle and then tomorrow your ass is mine, baby.
Two years later, Nikkie has retired from the road patrol.
There is a big sign at the entrance to their drive that says, ‘Spade’s Weld Shop’.
Right below that it says, ‘Nicole‘s riding stables’.
A little further past the house is a brand new barn and a separate horse barn.
Ah, and there is a red dually truck and a big ol’ cowboy that is a frequent guest of Nikkie and Spade.
Author’s Note: Thanks for reading, Pete Hello all, I hope that you all enjoyed Summer.
My boys are back in school and I’m back at massage parlor.
I have a story that occured this past Tuesday, so get hard, sit back and enjoy.
Every weekend morning, I wake up and do same thing. Sexyboy456789 seks neqrler vidiyo.
I make lunch for my boys to bring to school, kiss them and send them off to bus stop.
The rest of the day, until 3:15PM.
is mine.
This past Tuesday, I awoke extremely horny, so after my boys left, I pulled out a vibrator and masturbated to a shaking orgasm.
The problem was, it didn‘t really help.
I enjoy masturbation but most times, even though I cum, I need more than that.
I try to get any errands done early in the morning, and then relax before the kids get home.
I decided to do a little Christmas shopping at a local mall, then take a ride to the park.
It’s cold out here now, so I had on jeans, a thick sweater and a fall jacket.
After shopping, I decided to get a cup of coffee, then I was going to sit in my car and read.
When I arrived at the coffee shop, the drive through was packed, and I was impatient, so I went inside.
The line inside was long too, but I needed my coffee, and decided to wait it out.
When I walked in, this man held the door for me.
He caught my eye right away.
He had on tight jeans and a thick sweatshirt with a company name on it and work boots.
He was broad shouldered, had short brown hair and was very handsome.
His clothes were a bit soiled, like he had worked all night.
While we were in line, he introduced himself as Pete, and we began small talk.
When I finally got up to the counter to order my coffee, Pete offered to buy it.
“I’ll get that.
” he said.
“No, that’s okay” I replied.
“Please,” he said “Join me for a cup of coffee.
” I knew, right away, that he was trying to pick me up. Blacktinogod free sex chat and video call on line.

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