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I could tell he was looking forward to that moment.
Liu fondled my breasts as I felt Melinda’s hot tongue on my pussy lips, gently licking them before teasing my clit.
Do your parents know about us? Melinda asked.
You think they’d be helping out with the wedding, if they did? I replied.
They’ll find out eventually, Liu said matter-of-factly, still not taking his eyes off us.
Melinda sucked my clit as I moaned in pleasure.
Sliding a finger inside my wet pussy as she did so, making me shiver in sexual bliss.
Damn you girls are fuckin’ hot! Liu said as he drank his beer, watching the live sex show in front of him.
With each lick, I felt myself getting closer to orgasm.
That’s it baby, cum for her, Liu said as he put his beer down.
I heard him unzip his pants as he walked in the kitchen to join us.
He stroked his cock as Melinda held my pussy lips open, still stimulating me with her hot wet tongue.
The pleasure was so good; it was almost unbearable.
I needed to cum so badly.
I didn’t care how loud I was or who heard me. Asta3339 chaturbate arabic.
Eat her, pussy, that’s it! Liu said as he pulled down Melinda’s jeans.
She moved her body slightly and I could see Liu behind her, slowly thrusting.
You’re so fucking wet, Mel, you like eating pussy, don’t you? he said to her.
I fuckin’ love it! she replied before sucking on my clit so gently that I couldn’t take it anymore.
That’s it! Oh my God, that’s it! I screamed as my body shook with pleasure.
I pressed my pussy to her face and let out a long moan, the throbs of pleasure overtaking me as I came on the counter.
Liu was still fucking Melinda as she licked the juices from my pussy.
He smiled as he pumped her harder and faster.
Give it to me, Liu, fuck me! she repeated as I rubbed my breasts.
He slapped her ass hard as he gave it to her from behind.
I could see his body shaking as he grabbed her hips.
You like getting fucked while you eat pussy? he moaned, egging her on.
Mmm yeah, I love eating pussy with a cock in mine! Liu smiled, oh yeah, oh yeah! he yelled as his body stiffened.
He let out a groan as he shot his load in her pussy.
Melinda turned around and I hopped off the counter.
He got on his knees, opened her legs and licked his cum out of her dripping pussy while I licked his cock clean.
After he licked her, he teased her clit with his tongue as I rubbed her breasts.
I watched him tease her pussy as I kissed her neck.
Yesss!!!! she screamed, her legs trembling, as Liu licked her hot pussy to orgasm.
After some moments of gentle kissing and mutual masturbation, we all went to bed. Deliax free broadcast yourself cam to cam chat sites.

Deliax free broadcast yourself cam to cam chat sites.
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