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Now I think I have already pointed out that Hayley was one very attractive young lady.
I would be lying through my teeth if I said I had no thoughts about making a move on her.
But I suppressed these thoughts, realising that any wrong moves could really stuff things up with her mother.
But the fact that she was going to be sitting behind me legs apart and clinging to me as we raced around corners, kept putting the wrong thoughts back in my head.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist I got the helmets off the straps on the rear crash bars and helped Hayley into hers.
Then asked where she wanted to go.
Well we have about two hours, so take me someplace nice.
Have you had Lunch? I asked.
No, but I don’t want to go where there are other people around.
That gave me a thought – Just out of Ohope, there was a roadside fish shop, it was next to a mussel farm, so that was what it specialised in, but it was also well known for its takeaway fish & chips.
Then about ten miles further out into the country, there was a small country school that was closed at this time of the year. Seexywoomen googlefree webcam.
But schools back then never had closing gates or even fences, and locals would use the playing fields for different events and fairs.
It had nice views down a valley of native bush, so I figured we would have a nice ride there and sit and look at the view while eating our fish & chips.
Off we went, Hayley clinging to the back of me, I could feel her breasts pushing into my back.
As I swung into the first corner she tried to stay upright and the bike was hard to wrestle around the corner.
I spun my head around and yelled over my shoulder.
Lean into the corners with me, just hold tight and stay sitting how you are.
The next corner was quite a long fast one and as she went to move up-right I grabbed her elbow with one hand and stopped her from moving, then leaned over further and let the bike find its own way around the curve.
It’s a fantastic feeling when you judge it right, I powered out of the curve and into one going the other way.
This time she just clung on to me and went with it.
Then I heard a whoop of joy, and she yelled something in my ear, which I took to be fucking fantastic or something along those lines.
A couple of more corners and we had to slow and pull over at the fish shop.
Hayley was beaming; she couldn’t stop exclaiming about how good that felt.
We had to wait about 10 minutes for our fish & chips, wrapped up in newspaper.
I threw this between my legs half sitting on the tank and said to Hayley to try and keep a hand on it so the wind did not blow it away. Eliseberry hot asian web cam.

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