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Forfeit complete? he asked as the two women collapsed onto their backs.
For the time being darling, for the time being, said Jane.
That was just amazing Ron.
Oh, I hope you will do that to me more, but it will never have the same surprise factor again, said Alison breathing heavily.
Don’t worry Ali sweetheart, plenty of variations on a theme.
Ron my darling we have a logistical problem.
We didn’t bring any wine up with us, said Jane.
Easily sorted angel.
I’ll bring some mineral water back up with me as well, in case anyone needs something in the night.
Ron felt wonderful walking naked again in the house, something that he once did frequently.
He was looking forward to getting back to the bedroom, he suspected he might be treated to the sight of the girls playing with each other.
In this, he wasn’t wrong.
Walking back into the bedroom Ron was greeted by the sight of his wife and her lover grinding their pussies hard together, with their legs entwined in a scissor formation.
They smiled at him, as he poured three glasses of wine and stood to enjoy the show. Lika1230 online sex chatig vedio.
Time for some wine Al, said Jane.
we had plenty of fun earlier I think.
Ron my darling, I think we are going to enjoy showing you some of the things we do to each other, and we might even do some of them to you.
But now we want your cock please.
We seem to be doing OK on the JR tests, commented Alison.
Mustn’t be complacent about these things, said Ron, passing them their wine, we must be vigilant and keep testing.
That’s got my vote, said Jane.
A minute later Jane took hold of Ron’s cock, while he was still standing by the bed, and she began to suck it.
Come on my darling, she said edging back on the bed, my pussy wants to welcome that back inside, but don’t cum, that’s for our darling Ali.
Ali watched in fascination as Ron’s cock slowly entered her lover’s cunt, and he began an easy pumping, thrusting action.
When he lifted her thighs, so that her legs were held high by his shoulders, she was thrilled at the erotic sight.
Jane began to moan.
Oh yess! Oh fuck me Ron.
Ron was in a transport of heavenly excitement.
Just twelve hours before, his life had been full of despair, and now he had his cock back in his beautiful wife’s cunt.
He could have just carried on and on until, he fired his spunk, but Jane was keeping her eye on the ball.
Steady now Ron, time for your next woman.
You have to fuck our darling here.
First I have to taste and explore, said Ron, as he lay between Alison’s thighs gazing in wonder.
She was already very wet from their activities, but a huge shudder went through her as he played the tip of his tongue all around. Goodwomanxx chatting free with lesbians without log in.

Goodwomanxx chatting free with lesbians without log in.
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