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I felt his cock hit the back of my mouth and there was still more to take in.
You like what you see driver? I see you watching my slut.
Well ummm … yes she looks like she’s enjoying it? Are you enjoying this my slut? Master pulled my head off his cock, saliva dripped from my mouth, and I took a deep breath.
Yes Master John, I love it very much! I gasped.
Would you like to do the same for our driver my slut? I looked at Master John and grinned then at the driver.
Yes please Master John.
Well driver it looks like it’s your lucky day! My slut said she wants to suck your cock for you.
Oh no, The driver said, you have to pay for the trip.
I’m happy to pay for the trip; my slut sucking your cock will be our pleasure.
Master John said.
Master John pushed my head down onto his hard cock again.
He started pushing it up and down so I was fucking it; taking it in further every time he pushed down.
It hit the back of my mouth again and he pushed firmly.
I stretched my tongue to straighten my throat and widen it and I felt the head of his cock pop through. Olivethomas incest web cam sex videos.
Master looked at me and smiled lifting my head up a little then pushed down again.
He felt the head pop through again easier this time and he repeated the action, each time getting his cock further into my throat.
I was swallowing hard as he pushed in then taking deep breaths as he pulled out.
I took his free hand and held it to my throat, he held his hand over it as he pushed his cock in again.
He could feel his cock stretching my throat and he looked at me.
That’s my good slut! he said.
Driver; look at my slut taking this fat cock in her throat! Are you sure you don’t want some of this? The driver looked back in the rear vision mirror, Master John has pushed my head down on to his cock again and saw my throat expand as his cock pushed in.
He indicated and turned into a multilevel car park, drove to the furtherst empty park and stopped.
Master John’s cock was swelling in my throat and he pulled my head back then pushed it hard down on his cock I had all of it in my throat and he started to cum.
Hot, thick and creamy cum, I was gulping and swallowing as it squirted down my throat.
Master John slowly pulled his cock out, it was still pulsing his juices.
I kept swallowing, he tasted delicious! He kept his hand on my throat, he pulled out and let the last of his cum spurt into my mouth.
I held it there for him then swallowed sucking is cock as he pulled it out of my mouth.
I licked my lips and looked at him, he bent down and kissed me and pulled me over to him. Horoshiyhot free no register gay web cams.

Horoshiyhot free no register gay web cams.
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