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My new 18 year old boyfriend Roy really wanted to go to this new movie that was playing at the theater.
I couldn’t imagine why, as it seemed pretty boring to me from what I’d seen from the commercials advertising it.
I like him a lot though, so I figured a couple of hours of my time wasn’t much to ask me to sacrifice for making him happy.
I knew once we got back home after it was over the real excitement would begin.
He was the hottest lover I’d ever had and I’d been making good use of his young cock every chance I got.
He was as insatiable as I was and we fucked for hours every single night, and I never tired of him.
Some people are just a perfect match sexually, and I’d met mine.
We couldn‘t keep our hands off of each other and every night was filled with orgasm after orgasm.
We hadn‘t gone to the show in months though, so after a nice dinner, we drove to the movies and went into the theater.
There were not too many people there, filled to around half capacity.
Considering how boring the movie looked, I wasn’t surprised. Omelochka hairy men cum.
An evening out was a nice change of pace though and I’m sure it would be tolerable, not the worst I’d ever sat through.
The previews came on and I always liked those.
Funny how they always managed to make a movie look good from the preview, yet the actual movies always seemed to pale in comparison.
I guess that‘s the idea, show the best clips to attract the audience.
Once the lights went down low, Roy put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close to him.
I adored being in his arms.
His aftershave was so appealing and he always smelled so good.
He’d sat us fairly close to the back rows and there wasn‘t many people that far back, our row was empty except for one man in the aisle seat, we were in the middle of the row, I always preferred the middle since it made the screen centered the best visually.
I was right, the movie was boring.
Roy leaned in and started to kiss my neck and then moved up my neck to my jaw and then my waiting mouth.
Fuck he could kiss, he never failed to make me wet from how he touched me and kissed me.
His lips were so soft and sensual and I opened my mouth gently to caress his tongue with my own.
I could feel my nipples hardening and I was a bit uncomfortable becoming this aroused in public.
He whispered in my ear softly, “I’m going to make you cum.
” I stared at him with widened eyes, and then glanced around at the other moviegoers to see if anyone was watching us.
No one seemed to be paying any attention to us, but I was still a bit nervous, what if an usher happened on by with a flashlight? Kamatoznik_1 camporn no register.

Kamatoznik_1 camporn no register.
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