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I felt his hard cock and I knew that I had to have it in my ass.
The tip of his cock started to push against my asshole as I lowered myself down on the tip of his cock.
I held the base of it with my right hand guiding his cock into me.
When his cock first entered my ass it felt like my ass was being split in two, but instantly the feeling changed to pure joy.
Yes I gasped as I lowered my ass down and took the first inch of his cock in my pussy.
I started to moan as I went further down on his cock and now I could let go of his cock and I couldn’t help but to grab my own cock as I was getting so hard with this big fucking dick now at least two inches deep into my ass.
I gently went down a little further and now I had half of his cock in my ass.
Oh my god.
I gasped again.
Fuck! I could feel Stan rising to the occasion.
I felt him rise up and gently grab my waist from behind.
I looked over my left shoulder to see and he was resting on his elbow, not his back to get some leverage to put his cock in me further.
He pulled my waist down gently and another inch of his cock when further into my ass. Superstarshin free live sex video without download.
Baby, fuck me.
I moaned.
Please fuck me.
I was hoping he would not see my cock in front of me, but at this point I was in such ecstasy that I didn’t care.
I met his next surge by lowering my ass the same time he was pushing it in and I felt a shot of pain then pleasure as another couple inches went inside me.
I raised my ass up and he lowered his hips and then we met each other again and I slid all the way down on his cock and could feel his balls brush up against mine.
Oh baby, I am cumming.
He yelled.
I had no idea he was so close to cumming as I was in my own private pleasure palace in my mind.
I felt him shove his cock all the way up as my ass rested down on him and he bucked his hips up and down causing me to start stroking my cock again.
Fuck me baby.
I said.
I want to feel you cum deep inside me.
He shot his load fiercely as he moaned out for at least 20 seconds.
When he finished, I slipped my ass off of his cock and I felt like I had just lost a part of me.
I couldn’t wait until the next time I had a cock up my ass, because it felt almost as good as fucking a tight wet pussy.
I slipped off the bed gathered my things including the dildo on the floor and went into the bathroom.
I was back out in five minutes all dressed and put together.
Stan was sound asleep, so I slipped out the door and in two minutes I was in my own hotel room.
I stripped off my skirt and panties, took my big dildo out and started fucking my ass with it. Kissmeebb77 skype name for sex video call usa live.

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