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With each thrust, I can feel my tits jingle and move.
As I turn my head to the right, I can see our image on the tall mirror on the bedroom wall.
My father’s face contorts with the pleasure and satisfaction that he experience as he rams his dick in me, his daughter again and again.
We look simply perfect.
Our bodies are glistening with sweat and our voices fill the room.
Oh God Daddy! So good! Daddy! Oh God! I call for my father again and again.
His cock is filling my pussy and his balls slams behind me.
I notice my body too moves in its own accord.
Moving to the back, receiving my father’s cock as he ram his thick cock in me.
I can feel my arms getting tired and I simply succumb to my tired arms.
Now, only my ass is in the air with my 52-yearold father fucking my young wet pussy in a frenzy.
My body too now is getting ready to come again.
I guess my father too feels that I am about to come again.
Let’s come together, Baby.
He whispers from behind.
His grip on my hip gets tighter and his movements get faster.
Our bodies simply move on their own. Kambeng123 porn online di skype.
My father grunts and groans behind me.
I too moan and begs for my release.
His cock really feels so wonderful in my pussy.
I ask my father to fuck me.
I beg my father to fuck me.
I scream as my father fucks me.
I grab my bedspread and let out a scream as I climaxed while my father groans and pulls his cock out from my pussy.
I can feel his semen coating my supple ass and it feels wonderful.
I turn and see my father squirting his semen all over my lower back.
I turn my body and now my father is squirting the remainder of his thick semen onto my crotch.
Then, my father closes his eyes and fall on my body.
His face on my tummy.
I let him stay just like that because I love the feeling of him on my body.
Erica? Yes Daddy? That was so good, Baby! Thank you Daddy! It was wonderful.
I answer breathlessly.
this is still wrong.
I know Daddy, but it feels so damn good that it feels right! I insist.
What should we do Baby? Daddy now wants to eat.
Hungry Daddy? Want me to make dinner? Silly girl! This is really not right Baby, but Daddy is ravenous! My father says.
He then moves lower and I gasp when I feel his tongue licking my clitoris.
Instantaneously my body convulses.
please! I beg.
Please what honey? Please eat me.
I answer as I smile at the most wonderful man in my life.
My father.
My own flesh and blood.
I will Honey.
For tonight, Daddy will fulfill your every wish.
He says and he slides his tongue deep in my pussy.
END OF PART 1 So many feelings were surging through me as I stood in the doorway to my bathroom, staring open mouthed at my best friend Chloe. Naomiwilde free live sec chat.

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