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Without a word, she walked over to the restroom at the corner of the room.
I could hear her washing her hands as I adjusted the bed to sit up properly as best I could.
I had a feeling she was going to try repeating her little disappearing act from the night before, but I’d be damned if I let her.
Glancing around, an idea occurred to me.
Spotting her clipboard on the table next to my bed, I snatched it.
With all my injured ribs and a broken arm, you can imagine it hurt like hell.
But I knew that she would need that clipboard.
When she came back into the room, she gave me a puzzled look.
“Whatcha’ doing, doll?” she asked slowly, a quizzical look in her eye.
Keeping you here,” I replied.
My ribs hurt like crazy, but I tried not to let it show too much. Queralt live kama sutra.
What‘s the deal?” I continued.
“Is this gonna be a regular thing? You driving me crazy and not letting me return the favor?” Ariel looked me straight in the eye and slowly walked to my side, leaning down closely and whispering in my ear.
Only until you’re healed enough to fuck me, sexy.
” I felt my cock swell at the sound of her words.
The scent of her body lotion was making my rational brain to foggy with the need to take her.
My broken bones, however, apparently were not up for the task, though.
As I tried to wrap my arms around her, my broken funny bone decided to remind me by sending a sharp pain through my entire upper body.
With a strangled gasp, I fell back against the pillow.
“Gah!” I groaned, clutching the cast around my arm.
Mother of.
” I half-growled from the pain and breathed deeply, trying to block out the agony.
“Aw, honey,” Ariel exclaimed.
“You have to lie still and give yourself time to heal!” I nodded stiffly, teeth gritted tightly in pain.
Here,” she said, pushing a button on a remote control looking device. Pornkitten cam2 videochat gratis.

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