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She closed her eyes and surrendered herself to the feelings of erotic joy.
Let‘s get the hell out of here!” Diane said and Cindy’s heart missed a beat.
Cindy opened her eyes and looked at Diane through the mirror with an expression that went from sensual pleasure to that of having just swallowed a goldfish.
Shivering a little with excitement she whispered, “I’m ready to go now.
” In less than five minutes they had left the restaurant, and were on their way back to the motel. Butterfly_ free hd porn cams.
As soon as they pulled into the motel parking lot, Cindy‘s stomach started twisting into anxious, excited knots.
She wanted to repeat the performance that they had had earlier.
But as they neared their hotel room, her anticipation turned to nervousness.
Cindy was nervous, okay, she’d admit it.
She kept worrying that the first time may have been a fluke and that maybe, just maybe, it was a oneshot deal.
Maybe she wouldn‘t enjoy it as much the second time around.
Yeah, right, she thought! She almost laughed outright at the thought, but managed to hold it back, the sound that escaped instead sounded like a soft whimper. Sexysinger adult camchat wicked android.

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