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Several times I tried to move further down, eager for another taste of pussy, but Kat kept pulling me back until I gave up.
I was still sucking and kissing her breasts when Jenny came over, now without her skirt, wearing only her corset, fishnet stockings and shoes, leading an also braless , flatchested Nicola, both of them settling down next to us and my girlfriend immediately taking the nurse into her mouth and giving her a blow job. Sweetladiessex chat no sgin ups.
Finally, Kat began moaning louder and faster, and seemed to climax just from having her nipples stimulated.
At last, I thought, I can move down, and did so, kissing her stomach, but I had just reached the tattoo beneath her pierced belly button when she pushed me away.
“No, it’s time for the grand finale,” she said.
” I looked, and my eyes widened to see Sophie and Chandice approaching, now with just their boots or stockings and trainers, so as she bent to pick up the tube of lube I could see the huge dragon tattoo covering nearly all of the small of Sophie‘s back, but both with the addition of a huge strap-on dildo around their waists. Sweetestdolls watch girls on cam.

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