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I would have seen him again and again but for two reasons I stopped seeing him.
The first one was because I was beginning to fall for him.
Not only was he the perfect lover but he was also nice and he was kind.
Kindness is the one trait that separates a good man from a bad one.
Very few are kind, I find.
Many are good lovers; many are good husbands; many are good fathers too but not many are kind.
Phil is kind; that’s why I stay married to him.
His kindness makes up for any other lack in him.
This man was also kind.
I had to call it a day with him.
The other reason was it was time to start a family.
Phil had been on to me for some about having a baby; it wasn’t just him, I wanted one too. Love-love32 free live sex acts.
I could hardly come off the pill and risk getting pregnant by my black lover could I? Risking getting pregnant by another white guy was no problem for me; if it happened, it happened but leaving the hospital delivery room with a coloured baby would be very difficult to explain.
I did get pregnant; quite quickly in fact, and our little boy is almost one year old now.
He is loved and adored by both of us.
Is Phil the real father? I don’t know to be honest, don’t forget I am a slut.
I know that the father is someone from the rugby club; one of eight men if I include Phil.
They were all fucking me at the time; the others knew that we were trying for a baby as well, Phil had told them all and after that night things changed.
Their visits got more regular; each of them wanting to try and get me pregnant.
It was almost a race to continue their genes through me. Xxxxrainxxxx animalsex chat sites.

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