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However, she walked for a few feet in the water and sat on a rock hanging her beautiful legs touching flowing water.
I sat on a rock opposite her.
Sunil and the Colonel sat distance away from us on a rock looking at us and talking something.
The Colonel was pointing at the Himalayan range of mountains; perhaps telling him the name of each mountain and explaining something.
In between, I saw him looking at me and surveying me appreciatively.
I could see a glint of a smile on his face perhaps hinting at the night rendezvous we had the other night.
Whilst the Colonel was explaining Sunil about the Himalayan Range, Sunil was hardly attentive.
He was clearly looking at Jyoti and her voluptuous figure.
Jyoti playfully played with spring water with her feet, rolling her ankles around and making a little bit of sound in that quiet atmosphere.
All of a sudden she swung her feet forcefully in water and splashed water at me.
I swung my leg hard in the water and splashed a lot more water on her.
She was not the one to let go. Bbwpocahontas webcam chat websites.
She jumped down in water and cupping water in her hands began throwing water on me so much that I was drenched.
I jumped down too, and reciprocated in full force.
She was laughing away throwing sweet clean and fresh water of the stream at me.
That became a sort of game for me and Jyoti.
Very soon, Jyoti and I were fully wet.
We sat in the water and tried to swim in the not so deep stream.
The water there was less than waist deep.
The Colonel and my husband Sunil, saw us giggling and playing in the water.
I had thin cotton shirt and bra underneath.
I was aware that in that condition, the shirt failed to hide my body.
I was wearing a small semi-transparent bra, which did not contain my full breasts fully.
My skirt rose up in clean and transparent water exposing my panty.
I was not really aware of my condition until I saw both the Colonel and my husband staring at my breasts and my bums with bloated eyes.
I became conscious of their stares and did not know how to react.
I looked at Jyoti, who was not in much better shape either.
She had on a tight blouse with no bra underneath.
Her breasts and nipples were clearly visible.
As she moved, her breasts swung making a tempting scene for both the men.
She did not appear too much concerned that she looked almost topless in that condition.
She came closer to me and spoke in a low voice, Dear look, your hubby is gawking at me.
Looks like he may eat me, if he had half a chance.
I replied back, Honey, why do you blame him.
Look at yourself.
You are looking practically nude. Yaichki123 live glory hole.

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