Canlipornomobil. For a while there was silence.

Then he whispered Marina

– How well
– Well, famously replied Lech finished, and you
– Yes, too, finished
Still want a rest or asked Lech
What are you ready, amazement asked Marina
– As a pioneer grinned guy
Then stood up, showing his still strong after two descents member.

– Wow admired Marina just ready, you have it all stands, then after a pause continued
– Let’s take rest a little, and then after the last time I had there three days all the hurt, just before I did not have such a strong and insatiable young lover with a great tool to meet women she flattered
– Oh, how bent, grinned Lech
Then held out his hand and picked up
– Okay, come on if you want, take rest, the guy said, throwing her to her own topic she obtёrla your pubis sperm from boys

They went to the kitchen as they were naked, Marina truth on the road wanted to throw a robe that was on the shoe shelf, but the guy would not let her do it, arguing that he is naked and in general in this form you I like. Canlipornomobil.

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