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After awhile, Gina excused herself and went outside to look for Matt and Cam.
The street light and a couple of tiki torches were the all that illuminated the large backyard.
Gina saw Cam with a group of guys and headed for them when Matt surprised her, firmly grasping her arm as they walked toward the group.
Sean wasn’t enough, you had to do Cam too, I guess you’re just going to fuck everyone! he said with a low sarcastic voice where only she could hear him.
Matt’s breath was heavily laden with alcohol and his speech slurred somewhat.
Before she could respond, they were at the group.
As Gina suspected, they were all firemen from Matt and Cam’s station.
Matt was unsteady and still quite intoxicated.
He did put his best face on as they greeted the group.
Cam gave her a subtle wink when Matt attempted to sit.
After steadying her boyfriend, Gina sat beside him.
Matt introduced her to all of the men.
In the same manner as what happened inside, Gina could feel eyes all over her.
She wasn‘t sure why but this time she felt uneasy about the attention. Alisakisa91 free adult chatbot.
Maybe it was the altercation with Matt just moments before.
It was Cam that made up a story as to why she was wearing one of his dress shirts.
Downing another beer, Matt’s voice slurred to the point that he was becoming hard to understand.
Cam made a bogus excuse of needing to check something in the kitchen and indicated that he could use Gina’s help.
Matt didn’t care; he was too far gone to care.
Gina thanked Cam when they got to the kitchen with a sweet kiss.
Cam held her close as his low voice said, It looks like Matt is a goner this time.
Referring to his friend’s state of drunkenness .
That is not good.
Gina purred.
Cam looked at her with a raised eyebrow.
She continued, moving her lips close to his.
No… no… no… not good for you at all! Gina ran her hand over his crotch giving him a gentle squeeze as their eyes closed and lips melted together.
Their solitude did not last long as one of Sean’s friends barged in.
Sean had decided to cut the cake and sent Izzy to get paper plates.
He asked Gina for help.
Cam shrugged his disappointment with a halfhearted smile and went back outside.
People started leaving and the party started to wind down.
Only those closest to Matt, Cam and Sean remained.
Outside, Matt was once again passed out as the firemen were in an unhappy conversation.
They were talking about the proposed citywide cut in funding for fire departments and what the fall out would be.
All were wallowing in their beers when a ruckus broke out.
Gina and Sam ran out of the apartment screaming and laughing. Adoreme live sex on the internet.

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