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It shows off your figure beautifully.
I tried on several more bras, and each time Amber’s hands touched my breasts, I was in agony, wanting her to touch more of me.
I savored the sensations while they last and my panties went from damp to wet.
Amber never gave any indication that this was anything other than a normal fitting so I kept my thoughts to myself.
Part of me couldn’t wait to get home.
Sex was the primary thought on my mind, and I wanted it NOW! I snapped out of my thoughts, realizing that I was standing topless as Amber waited.
She had removed my bra and I never noticed.
My skin tingled with the thought of her hands on me again.
Are you interested in any of these bras? she asked me.
I’ll take all of them, I replied, unable to make any decisions.
I think we should go for something sexier, stated Amber.
Valentine’s Day calls for something red hot.
Do you want to go for long and sultry or short and slutty? Long, was the only word that could come from my mouth.
Amber returned with a long red silk gown.
It covered everything, yet screamed sex. _a_l_i_s_a_ www keralasexykeralasexygirl.
It was cut low in the front and back.
About half of my breasts were showing, the nipples just barely covered.
It clung to my curves without being too tight, and had a slit up the side, showing most of my right leg.
Even I had to admit it looked great.
Amber’s hands slid over my body smoothing out the material.
As she touched my chest, my hips, then her hand slid over my ass, I groaned.
She turned me around to show me how I looked from the back.
Her hand slid over my ass again as she said, Look at how great your ass looks in this.
I wanted her to just continue stroking me.
I’d buy anything she wanted me to if she just kept touching me.
Lift your arms and I’ll help you get out of this one.
I have something else I’d like you try.
You need to see just how sexy you are, Amber stated.
My arms went up.
Amber pushed the gown up my body, her hands touching my bare skin ever so slowly.
At least it felt that way.
It was the first time I had felt her hands on my bare skin, aside from helping me with the bras.
Ever moment was torture and ecstasy at the same time.
Her hands were hot on my skin or my skin was hot, I’m not sure which.
The outfit she returned with made me stopcompletely still.
It was something I had seen on models, but never imagined wearing myself.
The corset style top was red with little white hearts on it, had garters attached to it, black stockings, and a tiny thong.
However, the material was sheer so you could see my through it.
It covered everything, yet showed everything at the same time. Alexislaine free chat random.

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