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We were walking past the restrooms when it dawned on us.
Most places that we camped have showers in the restrooms.
This place had separate small shower rooms outside so as to make them unisex, we assumed.
We had been taking our showers at separate times.
It dawned on us that we could and should shower together.
Now, there were lots of families around and we didn’t want to cause a ruckus, so we decided to shower late.
At eleven p.
that night we went for our shower.
There was another couple, perhaps younger but around our age, that arrived just moments before we did.
They seemed like they were waiting for something.
Kelly and I looked at each other, gave a slight nod, opened one of the doors and we both went in to shower. Angelabell facebooksex cam.
Of course, as soon as Kelly was clean I had my cock in her from behind as she leaned both hands on a wall of the stall.
We both came pretty quickly and then I got cleaned up.
Both I and the other guy exited our showers at the same time and right behind us were the girls.
He and I went to the men’s room to shave and brush our teeth.
I heard Kelly giggling with the other girl in the women’s room.
He spoke first.
Nicesize showers.
A great way to save water.
Although I think we ran it longer than they hope.

He just laughed and then blushed.
We both stood outside waiting for our female partners.
Again, we heard nothing but giggling and laughing coming from the women’s room.
When they came out I was quickly and formally introduced to Donna and Mark.
Kelly said They like to get parts clean just like we do, with a giggle from her and Donna. Fenmen21 very hot sex webcam.

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