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She was very happy for her friend.
Continued in part two.
Madelyn laid her bamboo mat on the hot sand.
It had been so long since she’d traveled, and she was planning to spend this whole week on the beach.
It didn‘t even matter that she’d gone alone, because she craved sun and time to herself.
It really couldn‘t get better than this: one week, completely off the grid in another country.
She could spend her time however she wanted.
Her cell phone was shut off and locked in the hotel room safe, and the only things in her beach bag were essentials: her hotel key card, a book, water, a towel, and a bottle of sunscreen.
Her hair swung in a ponytail under her hat, and she scanned the beach from behind dark sunglasses. Sillaanita mature adult cams.
The ocean lapped soothingly against the sand, and there were other tourists enjoying the beach, but they were far off.
Madelyn had found a private spot away from the water, partially hidden by a very dry looking shrub.
There was a deep recess in the sand next to it which was the perfect size for privacy.
No one on the beach would see her if she was lying down.
Sitting cross legged and scanning the beach from her hiding spot, she pulled her shirt off and felt that exciting rush of exposing oneself for the first time of the season.
Wearing a swimsuit always felt slightly awkward after a long winter, like she was stripping in front of a crowd.
Of course, no one could see her skimpy bikini, or how good her curves looked in it, unless they walked right past the shrub.
Madelyn pulled off her loose, cotton pants and shoved her clothes in the bag. Kozlopiton69 www ten18sex com.

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