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In the other room, we could hear my wife and Tracy’s boyfriend both scream their way though a couple spine-shattering orgasms.
Tracy blushed.
I placed a firm hand on her bare thigh and whispered, “We can top that.
” “I’m counting on it,” she grinned.
Our lips molded back together, tongues teasing.
Hands roaming.
Hips grinding.
Then she pulled my face away and whispered, “I have a confession to make.
” “Oh yeah?” Yeah.
All these cross-ups between the four of us–all this swinging or swapping or whatever you want to call it–it was my idea.
” “Don’t be silly, we all wanted it.
” “We all wanted it, but I’m the one who–Mmm!–made it happen!” She gave a jolt as my hand cupped the outside of her warm, wet panties.
Last year, I–Ooh yes!–got so obsessed with the idea of fucking you that I–Unh!–I hatched this whole plan to get Connor together with Ria.
I figured if the two of them had sex, then you and I could–Oh yes!” I stroked a single finger across the outline of her pussy lips.
Tracy continued, “I got the idea when Ria was out shopping for her bridal lingerie. Ashleyevans pornkising vedio.
I took one glance at how fucking hot she looked, and I knew that Connor wouldn‘t be able to control himself if he saw her like that.
” “So you–?” “I filled Ria’s head with a bunch nonsense about her needing to get a ‘man‘s perspective.
Which meant putting on a show for Connor.
I wanted to get them both so hot for each other that they crossed a line.
Did something so naughty, they couldn‘t ignore what had happened.
Then you and I would have an excuse to do the same.
I even told Connor to start touching her.
” My heart was pounding.
I pulled aside Tracy‘s drenched panties and wiggled a finger inside her boiling hot cunt.
“You told Connor to touch my wife?” I asked.
“Yes! Oh yes! I knew it was wrong, but I just couldn’t help myself.
I had to do something.
We were all so fucking horny for each other, I knew it would only take a tiny push to get the ball rolling.
And it almost worked! A week later, Ria asked me to strip for you.
” I shook my head in amusement, “You did all that, just so you’d have an excuse to fool around with me?” She nodded.
With a wink, I collected the four long pillows from our bed and stripped the pillowcases off them.
What are you doing?” Tracy asked.
“You really do belong on Santa‘s naughty list,” I joked.
Then I pinned both her hands behind her head and, using the four pillow cases as makeshift rope, tied her wrists to the edge of the antique wooden bed.
Tracy but her lip, nervous.
And are you gonna punish me for being naughty?” “Are you kidding? Lovely_milfff free indian mobile sex chat.

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