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For the next half hour she enjoyed lustful looks from multiple men and two women, and felt the thrill of subtle exhibitionism.
It was a nice ego boost.
When Madelyn had eaten, she wanted to strip down again in her sunbathing spot.
She’d had a great first morning of being lazy, and she loved the tantalizing feeling of being nude outside.
Maybe she’d take a nap.
The beach had got busier throughout the morning, but now it was quieter again.
People had left to eat, explore, and to avoid the midday heat of the sun.
The few people left on the beach had set up umbrellas to protect themselves.
Madelyn was content with her hat for now. Alphaalexxx free couple cams.
She stripped down with excitement and grabbed her sunscreen.
Being very liberal with the amount of lotion she used, she took plenty of time rubbing her body until it was slippery all over.
She had definitely been thorough, and she liked the feeling of rubbing her slick thighs together.
With all this selfteasing and sensual anticipation, Madelyn figured she’d satisfy herself later when she got back to her room.
Drifting in and out of sleep was blissful.
Madelyn frequently checked to make sure she wasn‘t burning, and to flip herself over.
She was stretched out on her back when she heard footsteps approaching.
Madelyn knew her sunglasses were very dark and the person wouldn‘t know if she had her eyes open.
It turned out to be a man who looked local – he was very tanned, with dark hair and a five o’clock shadow.
He looked reasonably fit and was wearing nothing but speedo trunks. Morenkaa onlineone minute sexvideo.

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