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Is that what you think of me, Lexxa?” he asks, smirking.
I want to slap that arrogant smirk right off his handsome face.
He is standing in front of me with his arms crossed.
Damn it, but he is gorgeous.
He knows damn well that he is too, that‘s why he always get things his way.
Fucking bastard. Sexcessive canada girl porn images.
He reaches for my face and brushes my hair behind my ears.
I slap his hand away and step backwards.
He chuckles and rubs his hand where I slapped.
“Feisty,” he almost growls, and it makes me want to kick his ass.
“Feisty, feisty girl,” he says, smiling.
“I like you.
I would love to tame a feisty girl like you,” he says, then licks his lips.
“Stay away from me,” I warn.
“Why would I want to stay away from you? Sexyjennifer lve sex cams.

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