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The sand was soft and white and warm and I could imagine rolling around in it with any number of the women who had shown up.
I refused to let the reality of sand in awkward places intrude on my fantasy.
This was going to be a perfect day, I could feel it.
Different, new and exciting.
Everyone brought something—food, soda, beer, wine, and some other more interesting things.
Manny and I, both culinarily-challenged, brought rolls, chips and stuff to drink.
Helena met us there and brought containers of fresh fruit.
Introductions were made, to friends and friends of friends.
I couldn‘t keep track of them all, but it didn’t matter. Sweetbabycake call girl nude kerala.
There were lots of women, and all beautiful.
It must have been a law in California, at least on the beaches.
I wasn‘t sure one-piece suits were allowed, either.
Every woman I saw was in some sort of two-piece, usually a bikini.
I did not complain.
Once everyone had some fuel in their system, all attention went to the water.
Some people wanted to swim, but most of us wanted to do what everyone wants to do when they come to a California beach: surf.
My second purchase in California after the car had been a surfboard.
I hadn‘t surfed in a long time and I knew I’d never be a pro, but I was going to take all this nice empty time and fill it up with riding waves.
I grabbed my board, strapped the leash around my ankle and headed out.
The water was cold but felt great, and I didn‘t even care.
I just wanted to get out to where those waves were.
I swam out a ways, lying on my board and letting the sounds and smells of the ocean wash over me. Starcuple01 minsk camsex girl.

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