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It felt too good.
Mom was actually holding my cock, and I was hard as a rock! And the toweling felt almost like someone licking me.
I sort of jumped with a little start and trembled.
“Oh, you poor Dear,” Mom said, wrinkling her forehead and giving me a sympathetic little frown, and I noticed from the way her eyes flicked to the side that she’d just checked the time on the microwave clock, “you’re in quite a state, and you still have 2 and a half hours before you can get it taken care of.
Then, as soon as she said that, Mom, dropped my cock like a hot potato, leaving it throbbing in mid air, and turned her back on me.
There you go,” she said, trying to cover, “clean as a whistle .
But it was too late, she’d let the cat out of the bag.
In two and a half hours my little Sister Michelle would be home.
Mom knew.
I didn‘t know what to say.
I was busted.
And yet it didn’t seem like Mom had planned to say anything about it.
I just stood there in shock wondering what the hell was going on.
I knew I had to be in all kinds of trouble.
After a moment of silence, with both of us standing there frozen to the spot like statues, Mom spoke up. Mase4ka18 www malayalam hot girls video catting.
I’m sorry, Son.
I didn’t mean to intrude.
It’s just that your Sister was yelling so loudly that first time.
I had to come see what was the matter.
” “Oh,” was all I could say.
“But you two have been doing it a lot lately, and you’ve been discrete and I can tell it’s mutual between you two.
Actually, if I hadn‘t already known from catching you the first time, I wouldn‘t even have really noticed you two sneaking off together all the time.
” Then she paused before adding, in a concerned voice, “It is consensual, right? You’re not taking advantage of your little Sister, are you?” “No,” I said, feeling I needed to make that clear, “it’s totally mutual.
It just sort of happened.
” “I understand.
” “No, really,” I insisted, “it did.
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She wanted me to look at her prom dress magazine to help her pick one out and she barged in when I was masturbating, and then one thing led to another.
” I shrugged.
uh, OK,” she said, blushing, clearly seeming a little nervous.
But also, I noticed she had rock hard nipples, and was shivering a little.
Was Mom turned on too? I looked down to make sure I was still up to the challenge.
“Uh, Mom?” “Yes, dear?” She looked up at me with wide, plaintive eyes.
“It’s OK, then? Michelle and me, I mean?” “Sure, of course it is, Honey,” she said with a little smile, “haven’t your Father and I always allowed you your sexual freedom?” “Yeah,” I admitted, “you always have.
” Then I shifted gears a little, “sorry about sticking my cock in your ass,” I said, boldly being a bit blunt, “I didn’t mean to. Virtlgoddess cum.

Virtlgoddess cum.
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