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The woman, holding her big duffel bag, froze in the middle of planting a kiss on his cheek.
Oh! the blonde said, turning to look at Carie and Eric.
She smiled and offered a casual wave of her hand.
Well, hullo, again! Uh… hi, Carie replied, frowning.
She glanced back and forth quickly to the woman and Vasily.
Vasily glared back, his eyes narrowed and jaw set off aside.
He looked a little red.
Carie caught a whiff of alcohol drifting from his apartment.
A couple of seconds ticked by with Carie stuck for words and Vasily doing his usual impression of a rock.
So Eric took up the slack and said, Hi… again. Xladyjhonx live chat family xxx.
He kept Vasily in his peripheral vision, preferring to set his sight on the much less threatening blue eyes of the woman.
Youleave? the woman said.
Both Carie and Eric blinked, hesitating.
He looked toward his cousin quizzically.
Uh… I’m leaving? Yeah? she said, blank-faced.
Finally her brain kicked back in realizing she had given the impression earlier that Eric was staying overnight.
Oh! Yeah… Eric, baby! I’m so sorry you have to go! But auntie… I meanyour mom comes first! Go get her to the hospital right away! His mother… she is sick? Vasily grumbled suspiciously.
She, uhh.
spilled cooking oil on herself! Carie blurted.
My god! the woman exclaimed.
What? Oh my god! Eric parroted, so slow on the uptake.
Carie glared at him and said through gritted teeth, But I think it’s just her toe.
The little one.
She pushed him, throwing him a look that silently urged him to get the hell out of there already. Wildanita free adult cam sex for cell phone.

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