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He kissed my lips, released my face, slipped his tie off, and laid it on the table.
Then he slowly unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his firm and slightly hairy chest.
Okay, I’ll admit it, I love men with chest hair, and Kaleb had some of the sexiest chest hair I had ever seen.
He slid his shirt off his arms and stood before me shirtless.
It was clear he worked out on a regular basis.
The dark chest hair, his sculpted abs, made this man a god in my eyes.
Wow, I said.
What? You’re gorgeous.
He smiled.
So why is it all right for you to say such a thing, but not for me? He had a valid point.
I shrugged my shoulders and blushed.
I don’t think I’m beautiful.
Kaleb grabbed my face with his hands, tilted it to his, and said, I thought you were beautiful when I saw you sitting at Applebee’s.
Like this, you are amazingly gorgeous and making my dick ache.
He released my face; I smiled and licked my lips.
You know, my mom used to kiss my boo-boos when I was a little girl.
Maybe a kiss would ease your pain.
Okay, that might have been my lamest line ever, but it did make Kaleb smile. Olimalm malay sex cam online.
I think I would like that.
Kaleb slipped off his shoes, unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his slacks, and slipped them off his muscular legs.
He folded his pants, and tossed them into the chair.
He stood there in black, satin boxers, with a nice tent from his cock, and black socks.
He bent over and removed his socks.
Even the man’s feet were sexy.
He straightened up, and waited.
I leaned in and kissed his cock though his boxers.
It felt big, and I decided I had to see it.
I leaned in and carefully grabbed the waistband of his boxers with my teeth, and pulled them down and over his huge cock.
I nearly stretched out his shorts getting them over his organ.
Once they were past his cock, I released the waistband and watched them fall to the floor and pool at his feet.
His cock was rock hard and thick.
I could see the veins bulging; the mushroom-capped head was shiny with precum.
I wrapped my hand around his shaft and licked the head.
The taste was amazingly sweet.
I kissed the head and he moaned softly.
My goodness, I think you’ll need lots of kisses.
Kaleb slipped his fingers into my hair, and pulled.
I gasped.
I want to fuck that smart mouth of yours, he growled.
I opened my mouth and slipped his cock into my mouth.
It filled my mouth so perfectly.
I slid his cock in and out of my mouth, using my hand to keep him from entering too deep.
Kaleb moaned again and I sucked his cock, feeling the veins under my lips and tongue.
I slid my spare hand around his balls and caressed them. Africancoco25 hindi sexc call live viode call.

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