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He lifted my legs up, all the while stroking my cock, so they were laid on his shoulders, and rubbed a finger up to my hole.
I felt him stroking around, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of his, this man who had opened a carnal need in me, who had made me need fucking, who had made me crave his cock.
I felt him slip a finger into me, and another, with relative ease.
Some of those beads must have been bigger than I realised.
Leaning down to kiss me, he said, Shall we try? I nodded, and he startled fiddling around with a condom.
I wondered if they did them big enough, but sure enough he stretched one all the way down to his balls, and he manoeuvred himself into position.
I felt his knob touch my asshole, and he pushed forward.
I was a little nervous at this point and tensed and put my hands on his legs to slow him.
Harry leaned down and kissed me softly again.
This will be so much better if you relax.
And trust me, I won’t hurt you, I know I am quite big but you will be surprised how much you can stretch.
Moving my hands away with his, he pushed again. Elena_9689 mobil omegle sex.
This time I closed my eyes and breathed deeply and after a time I felt a pop and realised his head was inside me.
Smiling up at him, he started to push forward again.
Now he was in it was easier, and after a couple of minutes of gentle pushing I felt a tickling, and he touched my face.
Look, he smiled, You took the whole thing! Looking down I realised the tickling was his pubes, and he had indeed crammed his whole fucking dick into me.
Exploring the feeling, I felt so full, like I couldn’t hold another inch.
This was followed by a very strange sucking feeling as he pulled back, and I moaned without meaning to, catching myself by surprise.
We shared a glance, and then Harry pushed back in.
And out.
And in.
And like the waves moving up the shore the feeling built in me, and I started to lose my mind to it.
I started pushing down onto his cock and we moved in sync, as one.
It felt fucking incredible.
Looking up at Harry he smiled down and reached between my legs to stroke my cock.
He was fucking me now, really fucking me, and I couldn‘t believe it.
The feeling of being on your back, being on your back for someone else, was incredible, and I felt my mind start to glow.
Want to try it another way? he asked.
What other ways are there? I panted.
Don’t answer a question with a question, he joked, It’s rude, and if you’re rude I might fuck you.
That made me laugh.
Harry pulled out of me and lay on his back.
I straddled him without being told, and felt down to put his cock at my entrance, sitting down and spearing myself. Alenkakoshka chat with lesbians free.

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