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As the grinding mill of my mind poetically spins, Aroused with a quiver of yens, The still of silence ‘fore bellows of the winds.
My ex boyfriend and I were definitely not one of those couples that ever got bored sexually.
In fact, most of my first time trying new things all happened with him.
From my first time trying anal to first time being brought to an orgasm in front of tons of (unknowing) people; to first time having sex outdoors, and even random things such as giving him head while he was driving.
He even made me cum while we were watching a movie with my family.
completely unbeknownst to them.
However, one of his favorite things to do was role play.
We tried all sorts of different roles, but one of his favorites, and what this story is about, is role playing about me being a shy, innocent virgin, and him taking my virginity; gentle at first, before becoming rough.
I was sitting at home on my bed talking to my friend Stacey.
Typical mindless chitchat and gossip about boys and girls at school, who was fucking who, etc.
After a few minutes I heard my phone beep and saw on the caller i. Tetisbigs sxs liv.
d that it was my boyfriend Todd.
Sorry Stace, gotta go, Todd’s on the other line.
” “Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow morning before school.
” I switched over lines.
“Hey babe, miss you,” I said in an innocent voice.
Miss you too.
What are you up to?” “Oh nothing, was talking to Stacey.
How was work?” “The usual, hard, but it’s worth it for the money.
” “Aww.
Are we doing something tonight?” “Yeah, I was gonna see if you wanted to come over.
” “Kay, I just gotta change then I’ll drive over.
” “Alright, see you in a bit.
And babe?” “Yeah?” “Do you think you’re ready tonight?” “Ready for what?” I asked, genuinely confused.
Ready to.
you know.
take the next step.
?” He asked innocently.
Instantly I knew what we were doing that night.
“I-I guess so.
” I said back, pretending to sound shy and hesitant.
“We don’t have to.
” “No, I-I want to.
I’m just a little nervous.
That’s all.
I’ll see you in a little bit.
” “Can‘t wait!” “Bye.
” “See ya.
” I hung up and got up to chose an outfit.
I needed to look innocent, which was hard with my natural curves and general sex kitten demeanor.
But after all, imagination is what role playing‘s all about.
I needed some cute girly underwear, not my usual black lace.
I went with some pink booty shorts and a pink push up bra.
Now for clothes.
Did I have anything innocent? What did the younger non slutty girls at my school wear? It was hard for me to find something.
Cleavage covering t shirts always pulled tight across my DD’s and showed my belly due to my long slender torso. Annelisss web cam hotties.

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