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The mandatory white knee socks were the last thing she slid up her silky legs.
As she stood there checking her appearance she heard the powerful motorcycle pull into the driveway.
She literally ran to the kitchen and through the window, she watched as the rider stopped the Harley just inches from the garage door.
The engine was switched off and the kickstand lowered in one movement.
Seconds later there was a knocking on the side door and she flew to open it. Luckywomen13 porno roulette italia live.
Marsha stepped back to allow the rider to enter.
The helmet was unbuckled and removed, it released a long cascade of brunette hair from under it.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist The lightweight leather jacket was unzipped to reveal a black leather shelf bra and an upper torso just as toned and tight as Marsha‘s.
Marsha took in the sight of the rider undressing with hard nipples and a wet pussy.
This was Jaz, short for Jasmine.
They had met backstage at her second fitness model competition where Jaz had been hired to work security. Blackmonro hotfree videos of gaysonline.

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