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Ever so slowly the fingers ran over the tops of her toes, towards her ankles, tracing small lines along the length of her foot, slowly sliding around her ankle, up and over the strap holding her legs down.
A moan escaped her lips.
The fingers moved higher, slowly up her calf, around the top of her knee, dipping behind the knee, making her leg jerk and her whole body quiver.
The hand grew bolder and spread over the lower part of her thigh, making goose bumps cover her skin like a window was open in the midst of winter running over warm skin.
The hand slowly moved along her thigh around and up her soft hip, slowly running over the panty-line encasing her hip. Hugexbigtits crossdressers cam chat free.
Sliding up around the front of her just above her panties, the fingers dipped between skin and panty for a fraction of a second, her pelvis thrust up trying to get more contact.
The hand slid back up towards her navel, making her breath suck in, slowly it continued the trail upwards, the fingers slowly, gently running just along the underside of her breasts, her whole body arched, following the curve of each breast, her breath coming faster now, wanting, needing.
The hand went up along the full breast, barely making contact with the nipple that was standing high, reaching for the touch.
The hand moved higher still along the crest of the breast dipping between the two mounds, travelling higher to her collar bone, delving in the hollow at the base of her throat, up around her chin to that tender spot just below her ear, a whimper escaped as she licked her bottom lip. Dolceangel20 chaturbate teen.

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