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The young QB gently undressed me until all that was left were my purple heels.
He suggested I keep them on like the pros.
“What do you mean, like the pros?” I asked.
“Ya know, like the porn stars.
” “So you think I’m a porn star?” “You look like one.
You have great tits and a shaved pussy just like them.
” “I see.
How about you.
Do you look like a porn stud?” “I think so.
” He pulled off his pants, leaving on his jacket and tie.
Give me a blow job and get me really hard.
You’ll see,” he demanded.
I was quick to oblige.
He started calling the plays.
Stand up and swing those big fucking tits of yours,” he yelled. Sekkas25 free sex xxx chat.
I gave him a little show.
“Lay down, he grumbled, I want to do a sixty-nine.
” I’m not sure he knew what a sixty-nine was, but he soon got the picture.
My pussy was in his face and his dick was down my throat.
“I need some ass, lady.
I’m gonna fuck you, and fuck you like you’ve never had it.
” I understood that was an adolescent talking trash.
It didn‘t bother me at all.
In fact, his macho behavior somehow appealed to me, so I laid on the bed and spread my legs.
He was hard and thick, but had no trouble penetrating my slippery hole.
He banged away with youthful exuberance, until I could feel the familiar pulsing of his erect penis shooting load after load inside me.
The kid came like a horse with a steady stream of thick hot semen.
I enjoyed each and every burst as it gushed into me.
I was flushed when he pulled out and then I noticed two more team members watching in the doorway.
One pulled down his pants and jumped in. Natysikvirt south african live sex cams.

Natysikvirt south african live sex cams.
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