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Sylvia and I moved into position.
My mouth, cheeks and chin were covered in Mistress’ juices.
I pushed my hips up and anticipated the stripes from Master’s belt.
I knew it would be very difficult to try to please Mistress with my mouth and to try to please Master by holding position and taking my punishment, so I just tried to imagine I was a dog with its ass in the air, submitting.
I smiled and pressed my teeth into Mistress Sylvia‘s pussy.
I licked and sucked like an animal, especially as the stripes came from Master’s belt.
He stood off to the side so he could punish one side at a time.
As the stings rained down, I moaned to Mistress‘ pussy and moved my head back and forth.
I pressed my tongue inside her and longed to touch the inside of her pussy, but I needed my hands to grasp the bench and press my ass up to the same height after receiving each blow.
I knew Master was using his entire arm to whip me because he began to grunt as the stripes added up…or maybe he was grunting because he was producing a pleasing pink glow on his slave’s ass? I was grateful when the blows stopped and he moved to the other side. Barbiehotxxx websex video.
I didn‘t dare to hope that my punishment might be ending soon.

Sometimes when I am punished this way Master will continue alternating sides or will spank each cheek and then both at the same time.
I drank in Mistress’ smell-a cousin of my own, but slightly different, too.
I felt her thigh tense against my face and I wondered if she was close to climax.
Was she turned on by my attentions to her pussy or by Master’s attention to his slave‘s ass? Sylvia was starting to moan louder in her throat and to slap my shoulders and upper back.
She tugged at my hair as I lapped at her clit, reducing pressure and then increasing it.
My ass was on fire and Master was now striking me across both cheeks harder and faster.
I was shaking my ass slightly to try to position it to hit a place that wasn’t already thoroughly punished.
This was fruitless as my entire ass was throbbing and stinging and Master would count it as breaking position.
My back was starting to cramp, so I pressed into Mistress’s clit as she grabbed onto my hair and screamed out, “yes! yes! Yes, you bitch, yes!” I kept my face buried in her vulva, licking and sucking the lines on either side where her leg met her pussy.
I kissed her clit and moaned so the vibrations from my lips could vibrate against her shuddering pussy.
Master placed his hand on my lower back and slapped the top of my hip, a signal to sit up.
I did and felt my own pussy tightening at the touch of Master‘s flesh on mine. Parochkatwix sex webcam random.

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