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Besides, Zak would have pulverized the insipid idiot had he tried to challenge him for the girl.
Remi pulled out of it.
You’re the one still obsessing, Seth continued.
Zak pulled his arm from Seth’s grip and stopped.
Don’t you mean I’m weaker than Remi? Go on, he snarled, say it.
He clenched his fists, wanting to strike something.
He wouldn’t hit Seth, though.
He loved Seth like the baby brother he never had.
He’d punch Remi.
If I can catch the slippery son-of-a-bitch.
The last time someone tried nailing the red weredragon, Zak ended up getting clocked in the eye.
It had been the pretty Arborian witch.
Damn, he sighed inwardly.
You’re not weaker, Seth grated.
There’s no such thing as weaker, only less trained.
He looked around before settling his pale gaze on Zak again.
Now, are we getting our asses out of here, or are you going to wait for the serum to wear off so you can get mauled by dozens of ravenous vamps intent on draining you of your precious dragon’s blood? Zak winced at the mention of dragon. Vitya99 sexgirle free.
Strange, how he didn’t mind being temporarily turned into a bloodsucking vampire, and yet the reminder that he could shift into a dragon made him shudder like an idiot.
The thought of not being in control did not sit well with him.
Zachariel Wilder must never lose control.
Fine, he grumbled just as a few female vamps approached.
They watched Zak and Seth with wide bright eyes, their nostrils flaring a bit.
Next to Zak, Seth growled, and the vamps took a step back when a few of his tiger stripes became visible on his forearms.
They darted by Zak and Seth, one of them hissing at them.
Shit, Zak huffed as they took off in the opposite direction, quickening their pace.
Forget about changing.
Let’s go directly to the spaceport.
Devon is waiting there with our Vipers.
They wove through the tunnels until arriving at the transportation hangar.
Boarding a shuttle, they exited the arena via a protected transport chute.
The crystal-clear tube dove beneath the ocean a few miles before resurfacing and merging with more common chutes above.
Zak was amazed at how quickly the new planet had become populated.
Made mostly of ice, the buildings of the city they passed through soared into the night sky , glittering with millions of lights.
It amazed Zak to think his commander, Devon, had used his telekinetic powers to haul a dead planet into the exact spot the destroyed planet of Crystalia had once orbited and recreate it almost exactly.
This he had done for his love, Angel, who was Crystalian.
Zak took a deep breath. Titsbooty4u naked men chat.

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