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After lightly stoking his enormous cock, i took it into my mouth and started sucking.
It was salty from his sweat and it smelled amazing.
I cupped his balls and kept sucking until his cock started to swell and i heard him say that he was going to come.
He started to pull his cock out, but I pulled into my mouth.
I wanted to taste his man gravy and i wanted it to ooze down my throat.
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I licked his cock for every last drop.
We were both sweating and his enormous cock was deflating as well was mine.
As we lazed there, he decided to return the favor and play with my cock.
I layed back as he stroked my cock till hard.
Then, unexpectedly, he asked me to fuck him.
He wanted to have my cock inside him he exclaimed.
I unhesitatingly agreed and got some Vaseline and spread it around his hole and started to finger him.
He moaned with pleasure.
I then rubbed my cock down with the Vaseline and applied some more to his asshole. Nikkyes sexy lesbian chatzone.
I moved toward him and slowly started to push my cock into his virgin hole.
He whimpered with delight as my cock penetrated his ass.
Slowly, but steadily i started thrusting in and out of his asshole loosening it up make it easier and easier for each time of penetration.
We were both moaning and sweating, and my balls were slapping against his ass.
After many minutes of making him my bitch, I felt my cock swell up and i emptied my nectar into his hole.
As i had once seen in a porn video, i told him to stay in that position and for him to squeeze his asshole like he was taking a shit.
Slowly, my cum started oozing out of his ass just ass i came to eat it up.
I stuck my tounge in his loosened hole to get every drop of cum.
I swished it around in my mouth and I approached him to kiss him.
I grabbed him by the face and pulled him towards me.
We stuck our tongues in each others mouths and swapped my cum in and out of our mouths.
We both swallowed some of the cum and made out for nearly an hour.
Getting very late, we both fell asleep naked in each others arms and cuddled.
Homecoming I’d say I proved you wrong, Father.
I’d say your expectations of me came up short.
You said I could never survive without a man to define me; said I could never exist without his protection, his touch, the submission he would demand.
But that was before the law brought me to task for my youthful indiscretions.
Dragged from my husband by the conscription squad for service in the Public Regiments, I was condemned to distant frontiers until my debt was repaid. Triciagirl4u sex star mobile.

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