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The guys who were on the pull, either strutting their stuff or looking coquettishly at a prospective lay.
The businessmen, in conversation with the rent boys who frequented the place.
Then there were the guys who, like me, were just out for a drink.
The atmosphere was always electric, a real mishmash of hopes, dreams and possibilities.
One guy approached me; he was about thirty years old and very good looking.
He introduced himself as Rob and we soon struck up a conversation.
He told me that he was in London for a few of days on business.
He didn’t get to London that often and had come here because a friend at home had recommended the place. Sexyon33 girl chat bot.
He seemed pleasant enough and he was easy to get along with.
After an hour of idle small talk I suggested that we go and eat together, to which he agreed.
I suspected he was glad of the company, just happy not to be eating alone.
We chose a little Italian restaurant around the corner and enjoyed a wonderful Linguine Carbonara accompanied by a bottle of Barolo.
During the meal I explained that I was meeting an old friend the next day, without divulging too much detail.
He asked me if I had plans for the evening and I got the distinct idea that wanted the night to end either in my bed or his.
I played with the idea of making a night of it with Rob but the thought of meeting up with Ben tomorrow put a dampener on it.
I did not want to be sexed out before I met him, just in case we did end up having sex.
On the contrary, I wanted to be ready for a night of lustful, animalistic fucking, if he was free! Valeria200 random video sex chat.

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