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She was quite happy for us all to have a good look, and I couldn’t help feeling slightly jealous at all the attention she was getting, with everyone wanting to touch and play with it.
When I’d sent out the invitations to all my besties, I’d told them that this was going to be a sleepover party just like we’d had as little kids, with party games, cheesy music, and jelly and ice-cream to eat, but without the parents to tell us to shut up and go to sleep.
I’d dug out some girly DVDs for later, but I decided that we were going to start off with a game of hide-and-seek.
We’ve got a pretty big house, on three floors with an attic, so it’s great for this sort of game.
We drew lots to see who would be the seeker, and Penny lost.
She went into the kitchen and started to count to 100, while the rest of us scattered up the stairs, giggling and pushing.
Obviously, as it was my house, I had an advantage.
I knew that my parentsbedroom had a large fitted wardrobe all along one wall where I could squeeze in nicely, and that was where I headed. Baracuuuda wap online sex.
Carefully, I opened the door, slipped inside, and tip-toed across the carpet to where the wardrobe loomed out of the dark.
Opening the right-hand door, I pushed in among a selection of my mum’s dresses, and carefully pulled the door shut behind me.
I hoped that if I pushed myself far enough back, Penny might not see me even if she opened the door.
I’d only just pulled the wardrobe door shut when I heard the bedroom door open.

I assumed that it couldn’t be Penny yet, since she would still be counting, so it had to be one of the other girls.
I kept quiet and listened to her moving quickly around in the room, looking for somewhere to hide.
Then to my annoyance I heard her outside my hiding place, and the door of the wardrobe began to open.
Go away, I hissed, This is my place, and the door closed again.
Then I heard the door to the adjacent part of the wardrobe open, and whoever it was squeezed in.
They must have had to crouch right down, because there was a shelf at about waist height, although the lower part of the wardrobe was open all along the bottom.
I heard the door pull shut, and there was silence, apart from a few rustles as my fellow hider tried to get comfortable.
Soon all I could hear was my own breathing, and that of my invisible companion to my left.
With the lights out in the room, the curtains drawn and the doors to both the bedroom and the wardrobe fully closed, it was pitch black, and I couldn’t see a thing.
Hemmed in as I was by coats and dresses hanging around me, I couldn’t move much either, and was starting to feel quite warm. Yennefer69 all malayalm sex videos.

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