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Maria looked like a good way to get started, too.
As he held her soft body next to his own, he drank in her scentone of her sweet perfume mixed with the musky smell of her desire.
It was a heady cocktail to be sure.
“I hope you taste as good as you smell” he whispered in her ear.
Maria moaned, feeling her pussy dampen with his words and low deep tone.
Jimmy smiled at her reaction.
He pulled her a bit closer to him.
With his foot he gently nudged hers apart.
She spread her legs automatically, without thinking, and he began rubbing her dampening pussy through her thin panties.
Maria gasped at his first touch of her most intimate area, but then she shuddered and moaned again, louder this time as she gave in to what he was doing to her.
He rubbed and toyed with her pussy through the satiny material of her skimpy panties, running a finger up and down her slit and pushing into her as much as the garment would allow.
Maria went to reach for his hands, wanting him to press harder on her but as she reached out, he took her firmly by the wrists. Kohska42 random adult web cams.
“Hands behind your back and keep them there,” he said, pushing her hands away and behind her.
His commanding tone and firm grip made Maria’s knees weak.
She had never had a man take control like that and she found it exciting and very hot.
She did as he told her keeping her hands behind her back even as his rubbing and toying increased.
Maria was on fire now, her pussy was soaked as were her panties.
She was moaning and trembling with lustful need.
She struggled to keep her hands away, but every fiber of her being wanted to grab this man and ride him like a rodeo bronc.
” “You like this do you? You like my hand playing with your pussy?” he asked, with a devilish smirk.
“Ohhh, yess,” she whimpered in reply.
“Well this is only the beginning, baby.
Wait till you see what‘s coming up next!” He stood up and swept her up in his strong arms turning around and setting her into the middle of the bed.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist It was his turn now to get undressed and as she lay in the bed panting and quivering, he began slowly removing his clothes.
He took off his long sleeve shirt and she got a look at his arms.
She realized why he was able to pick her up and carry her so easily – he arms were muscular and well developed.
She bit her lip again as he tossed his shirt into a corner.
Crossing his arms behind his head, he pulled his t-shirt up and off him in a single motion.
Maria gasped aloud as she saw him now topless, his strong upper body and sixpack abs very prominent. Bathory-j www x vedeoys com.

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