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What is he doing? This is not going to feel good at all.
He pressed the head in, uncomfortably, then slid every inch of his cock into her asshole.
He stayed still while the shock subsided.
Maybe I was wrong.
Oh God, this feels pretty good.
He slowly began thrusting in and out.
“Baby, that ass is so tight.
Oh, it feels so good.
You feel so good.
His hands reached up to grab her nipples.
“Oh yes baby! Fuck my ass.
Oh yeah – just like that baby.
” His pace picked up and he reached for the vibrator that she had planned to use alone.
“I know you’ve always wondered what it would feel like to have both of those holes stretched out at the same time. Kinky4dirty video incest webcam.
I’ve seen your stories pulled up on the web.
Let‘s see how you like it.
” He shoved the thick vibrator into her pussy and turned it on.
She was about to lose it.
“Oh God baby.
Oh yeah.
Just like that! Right there baby!” Oh she was going to cum.
He had her filled up.
His cock stretching her asshole and the vibrator stretching and vibrating her pussy was enough to send her over the edge.
He could feel the vibrations on his cock.
It was a tight fit being in her ass with the toy filling her pussy.
His fingers found her clit and her body began to shake.
She was coming hard.
He gave her ass one hard, final thrust and then grabbed her hair to pull her to him.
Suck that dick baby.
I’ve always wanted to do this.
” She began sucking furiously.
“Oh yeah J.
Just like that baby.
Oh yeah!” He pulled his dick from her mouth and came all over her face, his cum dripping from her mouth.
“Oh God Jada. Bellecristen free big cum.

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