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exclaimed Lewis, clearly ignoring the unwritten ‘no looking’ rule.
Oh shh you! Was always my standard response to compliments.
I loved hearing them, who doesn’t? But I never quite knew how to handle them.
But thanks.
Looking up, as I remembered to be polite, I caught him right at the crucial moment! His thumbs were inside the waistband of his tight, white boxer shorts; then quick as a flash they were down.
There it was.
The penis of a man who I’d met just five minutes ago.
I hadn’t seen one in the flesh since college and here I was staring at a stranger’s in the gym changing rooms.
He turned to rifle through his bag, reminding me of where my eyes should be.
I returned to my own undressing, confident he hadn’t seen my peeking.
I slipped off my pants.
Mmm, hello there! Lewis cheekily exclaimed.
Ooo, that is a nice cock Callum.
I knew it! Wow, he really was breaking all the rules and he certainly did not mind showing it! He must have noticed my facial expression; a confused mix of shock, embarrassment but a hint of undeniable excitement, as he continued. Dima_alex webcam nude dailymotion.
Sorry! So sorry, I really shouldn’t say things like that, I just sort of get caught up in the moment.
Haha I chuckled.
Don’t be silly.
It’s always great to hear that.
It was just a little unexpected in this environment.
Oh I don’t worry about all that nonsense, boundaries, rules, etc.
If something nice can be said about someone I’m straight in there.
Lewis admitted.
Also, being gay, I can’t deny I always enjoy checking guys out as they change.
FLASHING!!! SIRENS!!! My sensors kicked in.
He’s gay!’ A little slow on the uptake but I sussed it all out in the end.
Comfortable that I wasn’t going to cause offence due to this new information I decided it was safe to play along.
‘This could be very interesting .
’ I must say you have a beautiful cock yourself! I complimented Lewis as my gaze returned to his member; allowing myself to take in the sight in much more detail than before.
His slim shaft was protruding from the base of a dense, but clearly trimmed, dark bush; his uncut foreskin ballooning out to cover the head of his cock.
His soft dick must have measured four inches as it hung between his legs.
Behind it, his large smooth balls.
‘Were they aching to be drained?’ Thanks.
He politely replied, so casually, as if id complimented something so ordinary as his hair or a jumper he was wearing.
Or perhaps like this was a regular occurrence.
We headed round to the showers.
‘I remember nowthey were open showers, no cubicles, no privacy.
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