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Good, then I will begin.
Evelyn walked around to the side of Sally who followed her as best she could while still hanging on tightly to the far side of the desk.
Legs apart Denver, Evelyn demanded, placing the cane between Sally’s legs and flicking from side to side.
I like stretched bottoms and you will find that a far happier position as well.
It emphasises your humiliation and is an admission by you of deserving your punishment.
Yes Miss, Sally agreed quickly moving her legs apart, just as Evelyn flicked the cane lightly upwards directly on to Sally’s stretched pussy.
Sally gasped at each flick but rather than close her legs together she went on tip toe to try to avoid the cane strokes but of course failed.
Six times Evelyn flicked Sally’s pussy and six times the 45 year old gasped.
Evelyn removed the cane from between Sally’s legs and heard her slow gasp of relief.
Sally didn’t quite understand but would have happily asked Evelyn to cane her there again.
Of course Sally knew they were extremely light strokes, almost kisses.
Yes, kisses.
That is why she was aroused. _borealis_ sexvideo online cz.
The cane had kissed her pussy, making it shudder with arousal.
Never did she expect such ecstasy from the cane, but it did happen.
Moments later and without a word the mood changed.
The expectation mounted as Evelyn placed the cane across Sally’s bottom.
Sally gasped.
Evelyn smiled knowing what will be going through Sally’s head.
What she would not know was that for Evelyn caning the 45 year old was quite a delight as she had so many reasons to be annoyed with her given the comments she regularly made about her daughter at open evenings.
Yes for Evelyn there was going to be just a touch of revenge, the type she was sure many parents dreamed about when listening to teachers describe their off spring disparagingly.
The cane was raised , Sally took a deep breath, Evelyn focussed on the bare bottom in front of her, there was a swish, a thwacking sound, and a gasp from Sally.
Just 5 seconds later another swish thwack and gasp.
Sally had never expected so much pain and whilst she wanted to scream out ‘No more,’ she clung on tightly to the desk.
Another 5 seconds there was another thwack and gasp.
Sally no longer heard the swish but knew the next stroke was coming as 5 seconds passed by very quickly.
The first 6 strokes came and went, painfully for Sally and with a smile for Evelyn.
There was no gap but Evelyn made the positive decision to cane harder.
Sally’s bottom was warmed up so could take it.
Sally was also more relaxed.
Both women knew that by staying in position, gasping as Sally did but holding on tightly, Sally was acknowledging the caning will continue. Elena-milana fuckvideo live comanimal.

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