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Hang on.
She covered the receiver with her hand and said, Edith, have you checked your e-mail? Yes ma’am, several times.
Kaleb swears he sent you Ms.
Lewis’s resume and a message she was coming in today.
Let me check again, she said.
I watched her work the mouse and type some keys.
Damn it! she hissed.
I mean, oh hell.
The hacker is back.
How do you know? I asked.
The e-mail was moved to my junk folder.
It was flagged as spam.
When you were hacked, did you change all your passwords? I asked.
Lewis looked a bit green now.
No, my IT guy said it wasn’t necessary.
He said he’d take care of everything.
I started to laugh.
I think I know who your hacker is.
Who? asked Mrs.
Winter and Ms.
I shook my head.
Oh, I’d love to help you ladies, but I don’t work for you.
Remember, you said you didn’t have any openings available.
I swear I could hear Kaleb laugh through the phone.
I knew what I was doing was foolhardy, but I decided after all the shit I’d already been through, I had nothing to lose.
I’m not sure who was more shocked, Mrs. Sexynathalia xxx sex fb chat.
Winter or Ms.
Finally, Mrs.
Winter smiled and said, Good girl.
I see why my son likes you.
He loves intelligent women.
I did remember that, and how wonderful it felt that he complimented me on my mind, and not just my body.
Well, I don’t know if you talked salary with my son or not, but let me make you an offer.
What? Oh, yes KalebHe’d like a word with you.
Winter handed me the phone while she grabbed a piece of paper.
Hello? I said.
Please tell me you’re wearing the wine suit and those sexy black thong panties you wore on Wednesday.
I am.
Mmmm, and you really think you know who the hacker is? he asked.
I have a strong idea.
I was keeping my answers short; I didn’t want give too much away.
If I hadn’t already seen you naked, I’d swear you’ve got balls the size of basketballs.
That made me laugh and it took me a moment to compose myself.
Winter handed me a piece of paper, and said, Tell me if this would be an acceptable starting salary for you.
I looked at the paper and gasped.
Kaleb said, If it’s not at least ten percent more than what your last employer paid you, turn it down.
Even they were underpaying you.
It took me a moment to do the math in my head, but the number I was looking at was closer to twenty percent more than my last job.
Um, what about benefits? Medical, dental, 401K? Atta girl, said Kaleb.
Winter smiled.
Is my son telling you to ask this? No, I swear he’s not.
Cheyanne, have them put me on speaker.
He says he wants to be on speaker.
Keller touched a button on the phone base and gestured to me to hand her the receiver. Eroelita3 erotic chats webcam.

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