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Stepping out of them, she neatly folded her jeans and placed them on a chair.
Then she stripped off her polo shirt and turned around, revealing an inviting cleavage, held in place by a large sports bra.
Her eyes stared into mine as she eased the straps of the bra off of her shoulders, pulled her breasts free, and unhitched the bra.
Her breasts were the kind that you would want to put your cock between.
Large and voluptuous.
The stiffening in my pants confirmed this.
She broke the eye contact and continued work.
But now I was watching with new eyes.
Every movement of her body, as she did the menial, routine job of cleaning house, was making me aroused.
The noise of the vacuum cleaner, as she pushed it back and forth around the room, had a kind of rhythm.
Her body was in tune to the rhythm, her buttocks moving back and forth, her pendulous breasts, moving back and forth.
It couldn’t resist it any longer.
My hand slipped into my pants and I began to move my hand up and down my shaft, synchronising myself with her.
And then she began to vacuum around the sofa where I was sitting. Anne2016 telugu live sex chart webcam.
Her breasts swayed in front of me and I couldn’t hold back any longer.
I moved my head forward to suck them.
At that moment I felt a sharp pain on the side of my face as she slapped me.
Not hard but enough to make me sit back in the sofa.
Not yet! I haven’t finished my work.
Be patient.
I did as I was told.
I was rewarded for my obedience.
She sat opposite me, on a wicker dining chair.
She held the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner and moved it away from the floor and over her left breast.
The suction pulled her nipple into the nozzle and the vacuum cleaner whined as if with pleasure.
Her face contorted into a grimace, and then a smile.
She pulled the nozzle away from until, finally, it released her breast and it bounced back against her body.
There was a red circle around the nipple where the nozzle had been attached.
She was giving me the most erotic show I had ever seen.
I began masturbating harder.
She then turned her attentions to her right breast.
This time she skirted the nozzle around her breast, the suction contorting it as she licked her lips in pleasure.
Then, without warning her free hand pulled her thong roughly to one side, revealing her bulging, hairy pussy, wet with excitement.
She teased the lips of her pussy first, closing her eyes and rolling her head back between her shoulder blades.
Then she eased the stiff plastic into her pussy and began to masturbate, slowly at first, and then wildly.
The vacuum cleaner made noises that I had never heard before. Lilu01 webcam strip danc sex.

Lilu01 webcam strip danc sex.
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