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It was an odd moment for her.
How do you act normal greeting two people — even friends — when you last saw them naked, in their back yard, fucking ravenously? She opened the door and hugged Amy, and Amy re-introduced Steph to her boyfriend, Phil.
Amy wore a white skirt and light blue sleeveless top, with dressy flip flops.
Phil wore khaki shorts, a dark blue short-sleeved button down and brown flip flops.
Broad shouldered, as Steph remembered, he was quite a specimen.
Not just his dick.
Phil held out his hand, which Steph took, and then gave her a greeting peck on the cheek.
She couldn’t entirely keep what she had seen the previous week out of her mind.
She couldn‘t block the image of Phil’s beautiful, powerfully hard cock and the intense expression on his face as he erupted inside Amy.
Steph had even dreamt of it, after all.
For a moment, she tingled.
In fact, she stood there briefly dumbstruck, before recovering and saying, “Come in, come in.
Everyone‘s out back.
” “The Chardonnay is in an ice tub on the deck,” Steph told Amy, before asking Phil, “What can I get you?” “A cold beer?” he asked. Richarxhot webcam arab sexy online .
“Of course,” Steph replied.
“Jack has stocked several kinds in the tubs on the deck and he has homemade beer in the garage refrigerator.
” “Home brew? he asked.
I’m always interested in trying something new.
” Steph paused for a moment at that thought, and thought to herself, “Oh yeah? Something new?” (Steph had drunk a glass of wine on an empty stomach and was mildly giddy).
Great, I’ll show you where it is,” Steph responded, grabbing a pint glass from the counter and leading him to the garage.
“You have a beautiful home,” he said, and seemed sincere, as Steph showed him where the beer was tapped and poured for him.
“And you have a beautiful penis,” Steph thought to herself (and then thought maybe she shouldn’t have any more wine on an empty stomach) before thanking him, telling about all of the work Jack and Steph had done over the years, and feeling slightly awkward being alone with him in the garage.
There Steph was, happily married but feeling like a teenager alone with her crush.
Steph became aware of being pantiless, alone with a man she’d seen the way she had seen Phil.
If he wanted, he could hike up her dress and fuck her right there.
She might not even have resisted.
She was almost tempted to lift her dress and show Phil her bare bottom.
For a fleeting moment, she imagined him taking her there, in the garage, bent over the car hood as he had bent Amy on his deck.
Catching herself, Steph left those thoughts behind and quickly led Phil, with his full beer, through the house to the deck. Mafia2 malayalampornvideo com.

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