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Her nipples, hard and sensitive, pressed into my torso as my rhythm in and out of her stayed at a slow loving pace.
Our bodies began to rub together tenderly as we became one.
I could feel her love pass into me and Michelle could feel my love pass into her at the same time.
It was our personal osmosis working together to share a loving bond.
Michelle widened her legs a little more and accepted me even deeper.
My pace stayed the same however.
The slow long strokes I was making inside her sex satisfied each of us because we were loving each other.
We were not fucking.
We were making love.
There was a difference.
And even though this was Michelle’s first time, I could tell she knew the difference.
Michelle began to breathe quicker and heavier.
She also became wetter at the same time.
I began to slide in and out of her even easier now as she loosened slightly.
Her pussy was still tight though, just with more lubrication.
I loved how it coated her pink membrane with a slick desire that we could both feel sensually. Sexyasianhottie free webcams chat.
We were both into the moment and loving every minute of our new found bond.
At the same time, our bodies began to pop out in sweat.
Our pores mixed with each other’s as we slid together knowing what was about to happen.
Michelle began to actually glow as her orgasm built and filled her body.
Her breath began to exit her mouth at an accelerated pace.
Michelle’s pussy was now sopping wet and was making slurping noises as I moved in and out of her.
It also tightened even more around my small hard cock.
Michelle was about to orgasm.
Suddenly, I became harder inside her as she began to clamp down on me.
I began to slow my thrusts even more.
This allowed us both to feel the inevitable.
I looked down into Michelle’s face.
She looked up into mine.
We were making more than one connection.
We gazed into each other; our eyes locked together in a loving gaze.
Michelle then took a deep breath, her body tensed for a quick second, and she moaned loudly.
Her pussy tightened around my cock and began to pulse and pull on it as her orgasm overtook her.
As she flowed with a warm wet release, I could not hold mine and my cock stiffened even more and twitched rapidly up and down as it spurted my orgasm deep inside her.
Michelle’s tone changed to that of a surprised one as my core filled her.
I could tell that she could not believe she was feeling my warm sexual fluid flow into her.
Just as she was feeling my love fill her, I was feeling hers drench me in a similar flow.
We had given each other the love that we truly felt for each other. Mark_and_dara canada auntym im live com.

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