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I had to touch myself.
Adam closed his eyes and leaned forward and their lips touched.
Neither one really moved.
It was almost as if they were waiting for the other to take the lead.
Then, at the same time, they kissed each other softly.
You have to get your husband to do this.
No, never mind.
You’re husband isn’t sexy enough.
) You have to come over and watch my husband do this.
Watching your husband kiss another man is so, so hot.
It’s dirty and taboo and sexy and I’m so, so wet even as I write this as I think of Adam kissing another man’s lips.
I can barely think, much less type.
The two of them embraced each other and they started to kiss a little more, trying to feel each other out.
And then I saw it.
I saw them kiss with their tongues.
I nearly came.
I slide my hand into my panties and I started to massage my aching clit as my husband’s tongue slid over Sean’s.
When I saw my husbands moaned, I slid a finger into my pussy.
I watched the two of them kiss slowly, tenderly, and passionately.
When Adam put his hand behind Sean’s head, I let out a moan. Casseyxxx yabancı veb cam canlı chat seks kızla.
I was aching to be fucked hard and fast after watching all of this.
I let out another moan when I looked down and saw both of their cocks were bulging in their pants.
Then, the two of them stepped back and Sean exhaled and said, That was about four minutes, don’t you think? I think they were both embarrassed that they liked it.
They both looked over at me and I could stop fingering myself.
Adam said, It’s my turn to ask a question, and he walked over to me and walked around to my right.
He grabbed my hand and softly pulled it out of my pants and held my hand in the air.
Sean, will you suck my wife’s pussy juice off of her fingers? Sean walked over to my left, softly grabbed my hand and placed my fingers in his mouth.
His tongue slid over and around each finger and he sensually sucked on each one.
He moaned as the taste of me caressed his taste buds.
I turned to my right to face my husband and we kissed sensually.
I could taste Sean’s wine on Adam’s tongue and I thought I was going to cum instantly.
While Adam’s tongue slid over my tongue, Sean’s tongue slid over my fingers.
Sean stopped and said, It’s my turn to ask a question.
Can I lick your wife’s sweet pussy as she sucks on your big, hard cock? Adam didn’t answer.
He just walked over to the table and with his arm, swiped everything that was on the table onto the floor with a huge crash! He then walked behind me and grabbed me under my arms, and Sean grabbed my legs.
The two of them lifted me up onto the table and placed me down and then they paused and looked at me, panting. Mirabelelady android 3d free sex video.

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