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To subsist off the blood of others like a pathetic leech.
And to serve a master’s beck and call.
I would serve you.
I would do anything.
Believe me, child, when I say, oh yes indeed, you would do anything.
Anything I desired.
As I served my master before she went into the sun, my brides serve my every desire.
Her eyes widened and try as she might, she unsuccessfully checked the curl of her lips at the edges.
Her body language was clear, but my sensory perception goes much deeper than a mortals.
The blood racing through her arteries quickened and rushed to her cheeks, giving them a lovely pink tint.
I would too.
You have no idea of what you say.
Her throat constricted and she swallowed.
I locked my gaze on hers, daring her with just a look to direct her attention anywhere other than my stare.
She didn’t, her sparkling green eyes glued to mine.
Without breaking eye contact, I unfolded my arms, letting one hand fall outward to Nicole and beckoned.
Show her what it means to serve me as master, I said to my bride.
Nicole’s six inch heels clacked across the hardwood floor, and with no hesitance or objection, she knelt between my legs as I parted them for her. Anitha_linda live wedcam sex.
She deftly unfastened my belt and zipped down my slacks.
The girl’s eyes shuddered within her lids, and I could hear her heart pound rapidly.
She wanted to look down as Nicole pulled out my erection, but matched my stare defiantly.
Contrary to the legends of old, we are not as cold to the touch as we’ve been portrayed.
We exert less than mortals, and thus build up less frictional heat, but we do move and the blood does flow within us, so we are warm to the touch.
Nicole’s hand was delightfully so.
She curled it about me and stroked me with feathery delicacy that she knew I enjoyed.
My gaze remained on the girl and though she fought valiantly to keep her eyes on mine, she glanced down to watch Nicole take me into her mouth.
I hissed in pleasure at the moist heat of her sweet mouth.
The girl’s gaze returned to mine hesitantly.
Nicole tightened her lips around me, sealing her suction most wonderfully.
Her head bobbed up and down slowly, taking me in and out with delicious sensuality.
She knew just how I liked it and always performed at the highest quality.
The girl lost her battle to maintain eye contact and let her gaze drop to watch Nicole suck my cock.
I…I would do that.
She took a step forward, but froze when Nicole paused long enough to shoot a withering glare at the girl.
I know, I answered.
But you see, that would not be a test of your loyalty — I would be forever loyal to youNever interrupt me, I snarled, angered by the girl’s insolence. Premiumka no sign up private live cams.

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