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It only took a couple of minutes before Kelly screamed out an orgasm.
I didn’t worry about the windows being open.
Our neighbors certainly knew by then that our noises were never those of anyone being killed.
I had sweat running from every pore and so did Kelly.
Our bodies were actually slippery against each other from all of the sweat.
It was kind of kinky, but I really hate humid days! Both of our knees were constrained by our shorts.
I had wiggled mine a bit lower than Kelly’s.
Her knees were tight together.
My knees were to the outside of hers.
While the fuck felt great, the heat was getting to both of us. Ronin27 mobile sexwebcams.
Plus, Kelly was not exactly comfortable with my sixfootfourinch body smashing her body onto the hardwood floor.
I picked up the pace.
Sweat was flying everywhere.
Kelly was moaning.
A minute later, Kelly orgasmed a second time.
Now, to this day, I am sticking to my version of the story.
In my efforts to fuck her exceptionally hard, mostly so I could get off, I was taking some very long strokes.
Kelly’s twat was running like a river.
We both had sweat everyplace.
In any case, my cock slipped out of her twat and on the in stroke, plowed headlong into her butthole.
No ease of entry.
No prep work.
Balls deep.
One fast stroke.
I was too far gone.
My ass muscles were pumping away and wouldn’t be stopped.
Kelly would claim afterward that my actions were intentional.
Kelly was hollering and I was on my own planet.
I had the friction I needed and fucked to the finish line.
I felt her legs trying, in complete vain, to kick. Sashanews russkiy chat random.

Sashanews russkiy chat random.
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