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Janet was very active, and well respected, in the kink scene.
She had offered to guide Olivia on her quest.
Olivia‘s only stipulation; no intercourse.
She wasn‘t ready for the intimacy of penetration.
Olivia’s husband had left her over a year ago.
She was devastated by her husband’s sudden and shocking proclamation, “I found someone else who makes me happier.
I’m sorry,” he had coldly stated, and left Olivia after eleven years of marriage.
Janet had nursed and guided Olivia through her darkest hours.
She had spent countless days and nights with her.
Consoling her, as Olivia tried to cry the unending pain out of her heart.
Janet listened as Olivia asked all of the questions that she desperately was searching answers to. Clearmoon live sex chat room no registration.
Answers, which could not possibly provide the reprieve Olivia was in search of.
Olivia had turned down every invitation extended to her ‘to get out and have some fun‘ for almost one year.
When she finally agreed to attend a party at Janet’s home, her friend was ecstatic.
Slowly, Olivia began to show signs of healing.
She began wearing makeup again.
She asked Janet if she would accompany her to purchase a new wardrobe.
She ventured out on a few dinner dates, but was hesitant to jump in to bed with a man.
Hesitant, to trust again, hence, her no penetration stipulation.
Olivia had flirted with the idea of being tied to a bed and made to cum with sex toys.
When she mentioned her fantasy to her friend, Janet eagerly offered her assistance in finding a suitable play partner.
With the sting and heartbreak of betrayal fading, but still looming over her, Olivia decided to try to get on with her life. Seerj13 free chat with male pornstars.

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